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Kumandin Periodic Table of the Elements - Periodická tabulka v kumandštině




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Republika Altai  

The Kumandin language is a dialect of the Altai language, but according to some Turkic scholars it may be considered a separate language in the Khakas subgroup of the Uygur-Oghuz group of the Turkic languages.

The Geographical Spread of the Language

The Kumandin, a Turkic language ethnic group of the Southern Altai, live densely in Solton and Krasnogorsk regions and the city of Biysk of the Altai district, Turachak region and Gorno-Altaisk city of the Republic of Altai. Furthermore they live scattered in Altai district and the Republic of Altai as well as outside their borders.

Number of Native Speakers

Since the Kumandin became part of Russia till the 1926 census the Kumandin were registered in all official papers as a separate ethnic group. But afterwards they were registered as Altai or Tatar and were not distinguished in censuses, which did not allow to determine their number. Nowadays the Kumandin are considered a separate ethnic group. They are included into the number of a minority indigenous people of the North and the United list of a minority indigenous people of RF. According to the data of the 2002 census the number of Kumandin is 3114. 1044 speak the Kumandin language

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