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Khinalug Periodic Table of the Elements - Periodická tabulka v chinalužštině


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Khinalug (also spelled Xinalug(h) or Khinalugh) is a Northeast Caucasian language spoken by about 1,500 people in the villages of Khinalug and Gülüstan in the mountains of Quba Rayon, northern Azerbaijan. It forms its own independent branch within the Northeast Caucasian language family.


East Caucasian languages - names chemical elementsClick for pages Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schulze

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schulze wrote: Dear Michael, many thanks for your message. Unfortunately, I'm afraid that my data won't be of great help to you. All I can do is supplying you with the names of some metals. I never came across words for say oxygen in any of the East Caucasian languages I have worked with. Naturally, in some languages such terms may have been produced (e.g. in Chechen, but I do not have further data), but they would rarely be in use because the scientific  domain of chemists is usually referred to by either Russian or Azeri. Attached I send you the names for some metals in a selection of East Caucasian languages (nine languages out of 30).Best wishes, Wolfgang 

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