Wilhelm Traugott Michler (27.12.1846-26.11.1889) 24.03.2006 19:11:30
Výroba Michlerova ketonu
Wilhelm Traugott Michler (27.12.1846-26.11.1889)
Wilhelm Michler, a scientifical adventure in the tropics. Wilhelm Michler lived in Brazil for seven years from 1882 to 1889, when he died. Here, he published several articles on natural products, and became a professor of Industrial Chemistry at the Escola Politécnica, in Rio de Janeiro. He was respected by colleagues and students. This article addresses this poorly known period of the life of a scientist, world-famous by the aromatic ketone that carries his name.
2 N,N-dimethylanilin +
fosgen - CG
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p,p´-bis(dimethylamino)benzofenon neboli Michlerův keton + 2HCl
  N,N-dimethylanilin       p,p´-bis(dimethylamino)benzofenon  
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