Dr. Homer Burton Adkins, Ph.D. 18.02.2006 01:27:26
Dr. Homer Burton Adkins, Ph.D. was born on 16 JAN 1892 in Newport, Ohio and died on 10 AUG 1949 in Madison, WI.
World authority on the hydrogenation of organic compounds; studied the catalytic action of metal oxides in the hydrogenation of esters to alcohols, developing the copper chromite catalyst in the process; developed new methods for preparing catalysts by heating various aluminum alkoxides, thus obtaining aluminum oxides with different spacings; coined the word hydrogenolysis to describe processes in which hydrogen reacts on the catalyst surface to split off two new molecules; investigated comparative reactivities, particularly the relation of structure, oxidation potential, and other chemical and physical properties; during WWII, involved in work on vesicants, lachrymators, sternutators, detoxifying agents (esp. protective clothing and ointment for use against vesicants) and anti-malarial agents.

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Homer married Louisa May Spivey-[144] [MRIN:56] on 21 FEB 1917 in Dayton, Ohio.